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What is D Genius?

D Genius Learning Center is an educational institution part of D Genius Malaysia that provides a variety of program to assist your child to start in his or her journey into learning. D Genius Learning center is a part of Dyslexia Genius Malaysia which have been established for more than 23 years and succeeded in early intervention program for children in malaysia.

D Genius Learning Center offers various programs, starting from PAUD using the Merdeka Curriculum.

Intensive Program which is a school readiness program for students in preparation for normal mainstream school (Sekolah Dasar). We assist students with their basic learning skills, positive attitude & behavior with regard to learning and social interaction skills for social skills.

Dyslexia Program for children with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysphasia, dyspraxia, dysgraphia, short attention span in learning, short term memory in learning, and hyperlexia. D Genius using the successful SPTBiD program from Malaysia, with endorsement by the Ministry Education of Malaysia and City College of Birmingham London.

We Used SPTBiD (Sariah Program & Teknik Bimbingan Intensif Disleksia) is a program developed, created and copyrighted by Puan Sariah Binti Amirin AMW PPN, well known as “Ibu Dyslexia Malaysia” and Jaldeen Bin Mohd Ali, a Dyslexia specialist, assessor and founder of Dyslexia Genius in early 1998.

This program is developed through an intensive research and careful testing in 1996 to 1997, and this program have received recognition from the Ministry of Education Malaysia and have been used with positive results helping dyslexics cope with their learning difficulties in Persatuan Dyslexia Malaysia and Dyslexia Genius centers for over 23 years.

Our Programs

Early Childhood Education

Intensive Class

Dyslexia Class


Advantages of D Genius Learning Center​

Fun Learning

Using SPTBiD Program

Small Group in classroom

Condusive environment

Quality and experience teacher

Successful program

Silver Medal Awards from Geneva Salon International Des Inventions Geneve 2007

ITEX 2007 Gold Medal E-Learning for Disability International Invention Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Accreditation and Endorse by City Collage of Brimingham London

Self Assessment

How does one recognize dyslexia (SLD)?

Basically, we talk about primary dyslexia when the following factors can be observed:

  • A child’s intermittent inattention when writing, reading, or calculating, i.e., as soon as he encounters letters and/or numbers.
  • Differentiated sensory perceptions are not sufficiently developed for learning writing, reading, and arithmetic (calculation).
  • Perceptual mistakes due to blurred sensory perceptions and the resulting inattention.

Take this online test

  1. Does your child have problems recognizing the alphabet and numbers?
  2. Does your child confuse similar shapes alphabet and sounds of the alphabet?
  3. Does your child write mirror-image of a certain alphabet and numbers?
  4. Does your child struggle to write and copy?
  5. Does your child quick to give up when writing?
  6. Does your child have problems spelling or reading?
  7. Does your child seem stress when trying to read?
  8. Does your child have problems with the sequencing of numbers?
  9. Does your child have difficulties understanding the simplest mathematical calculation concept?
  10. Does your child lose focus easily when asked to learn/study?
  11. Does your child take “forever” to complete his school work?
  12. Does your child easily forget what he learns but has the ability to sustained memory of other related things such as television programs, playing with gadgets?

If you registered more Yes than No, please fill in the form below to get an appointment for a full educational assessment with our specialist to diagnose if your child has problems related to Specific Learning disorders particularly dyslexia, and help your child address their difficulties.


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